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What is the ‘Who’s Calling?’ feature in the White Pages app?

Who’s Calling? is an app feature that uses the White Pages database to identify incoming calls to your smartphone.

When you receive a call from a number that isn’t stored in your contacts list, the White Pages smartphone app will help identify who’s calling you. If the number belongs to a business or government organisation listed with White Pages, this information will be displayed on your phone.

How will the ‘Who’s Calling?’ feature benefit me?

As a user

Who’s Calling? allows you to make informed decisions about which calls you take. Now you can answer those important calls and unrecognised numbers with certainty.

As a business

For many businesses, chasing customers through unanswered phone calls can become a big waste of time. Who’s Calling? makes it easier to connect with your customers. If our smartphone app identifies your business number, there is a far greater chance that customers will answer your phone calls. And if they miss your call, they’re more likely to ring you back knowing exactly who they’re contacting

What operating system do I need for the ‘Who’s Calling?’ feature to work?

Who’s Calling? is available on both Android and iPhone devices.


The caller ID feature requires an operating system of 4.0 or above.


The caller ID feature requires iOS 10 or above.

Who’s Calling? works best on the more recent versions of both operating systems. We recommend keeping your device updated.

How do I activate the ‘Who’s Calling?’ feature?


  1. Download the White Pages Australia app from Google Play.
  2. Open the app and press ‘next’ on the welcome message screen.
  3. You may then be asked to accept permissions for White Pages to make and manage phone calls. Press ‘allow’ as this will enable the caller ID feature.
  4. If you don’t get asked, your handset has probably done it for you. To ensure the caller ID feature is enabled, go to Settings in the top right hand corner of the app. The toggle to identify incoming calls should be switched on.
  5. Enjoy knowing who’s calling you.


  1. Download the White Pages Australia app from the Apple App Store.
  2. Go to your device’s Settings and scroll down to Phone.
  3. When you’re in the Phone settings screen, click Call Blocking & Identification.
  4. Turn on the toggle next to the White Pages logo to enable the caller ID feature.
  5. The toggle may take some time to switch on. Please allow a few minutes for your phone to download the Who’s Calling data.
  6. Now restart the app and you’re ready to find out who’s calling you.
How does ‘Who’s Calling?’ work on Android and iOS devices?

With Who’s Calling? activated, our app will attempt to identify numbers that aren’t stored in your device’s phone book. If the number is listed as a business or government organisation in the White Pages, we’ll identify this for you.


On Android, a White Pages banner identifying the business will appear when there is an incoming call. A notification will also display after the call, giving you the option to call back, provide feedback and view the business’ White Pages listing.


On iPhone, you will simply see the business’ name identified on the screen followed by “White Pages” to indicate that our app recognised the call.

Are residential or personal numbers identified by ‘Who’s Calling’?

No. The caller ID feature will only identify incoming calls from businesses or government departments listed in the White Pages.

We will never identify incoming residential calls or those originating from a silent number. We also do not share your personal mobile phone number to other users.

Can ‘Who’s Calling?’ identify calls where the number has no caller ID?

If a call is coming from a silent or private number, unfortunately we cannot identify it for you. Only business and government numbers listed in the White Pages are identified.

The number that called me was identified incorrectly by your app. How can I report this?

On Android phones, you can send us corrections through the notification (feedback button) that pops up after a call.

I would like to report a number as spam. Can I do this?

On Android phones, you can report a number as spam through the notification (feedback button) that pops up after a call.