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What are Views/Interactions/Connections?

Views are recorded by White Pages any time your business is displayed on our site. A view may occur from a search result on the White Pages website, or a user finding your White Pages listing via a search engine and then clicking through.

Interactions measure the activity of user engagement on your White Pages listing. We record activity when users want to learn more about your business and the products and services offered, such as when the FAQs section is viewed, directions are requested, opening hours are expanded, and other areas of content are clicked.

Note: we’re unable to record when a user may simply be viewing the content on your White Pages listing, such as when they are looking at today’s opening hours, but not clicking on it to see the other days.

Connections report the number of times a user has engaged with your White Pages listing details to contact you. These connections can come from the following contact details: phone number, email address, web and social media links. We’ll also report a connection when a user receives your business details and contacts you through a Voice Directory service.

What are Business and Contact Pages?

Depending on how a user reaches your White Pages listing, they will be presented with the Business page or a Contact page.

The Business page includes generic content that applies to your business as a whole, such as primary contact details, general descriptions and summaries of your goods or services.

On the other hand, Contact pages include specific content on particular branches or services. When viewing a Contact page, users will be able to understand more about that particular location.

A business with only a single location will have all the content of a Business and Contact page rolled together into one comprehensive display.

My report shows some numbers only starting from a specific month. Why is this?

The numbers in your White Pages report will only show activity for the months where they occurred.

If you introduced a new content type into your listing, your report will show numbers for the performance of this item starting from the time it was included.

My report shows numbers that stop after a certain point in time. Why is this?

If a report stops displaying numbers for a certain type of activity, this means that users are no longer interacting with your listing in this way. There are a number of reasons for this, such as users not clicking or viewing a certain item or section in your listing during the month, or you may have removed that type of content from your listing.

My report only shows numbers for the last month. Why is this?

If a report shows one month of activity, this indicates the time your White Pages listing went live.