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How does residential search work on the White Pages?

To search for an individual on the White Pages, input their surname, initial of their first name, and the suburb they live in. We’ll also check the surrounding suburbs to see if the person is listed with us.

If you’re unsure of the exact suburb, you can do a national search or enter a postcode, region or state. If you leave this location field blank, the White Pages will search nationally for the individual.

When you enter a common surname, numerous results will be returned particularly if you’re looking for a person in a large area. We suggest you fill out all search fields to receive the best results.

Why can’t I search for a person using their first name?

Information for our residential listings are provided to us from various Australian telecommunications companies. When a person signs up for a landline or mobile phone number, we are provided with the initial of their first name, their surname and the location they live in. Given that we do not receive an individual’s complete details, you cannot search on the White Pages using their first full name.

Why is search not working for me?

Unfortunately White Pages search does not work when you have an ad blocker installed in Firefox & Chrome. Please turn off your ad blocker and refresh the page to start using our search functionality.