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I haven't received a copy of the White Pages print directory this year. Where can I order one?

You can order a copy of our print book at

What should I do with my old White Pages print directory when the new one arrives?

White Pages books can be recycled through your household kerbside collection, or commercial collection service if you are a business and you have an appropriate commercial collection arrangement.

In 2011/12, 98% of survey respondents around Australia recycled (76%) or reused (22%) their old books*.

For more information on recycling in your local area, visit

*Results excluded the proportion of respondents who indicated they did not know if they had disposed of, recycled or reused their books.

Who can I contact to make a complaint about the delivery of White Pages’ books in my area?

To make a complaint about the distribution of our print directories, please contact our Book Orders team by emailing us at