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Navigating and updating Connect

How do I edit the information of my business location/s?

Once you have accessed White Pages Connect by logging into your self-service account, you can fill out, edit or update the information of your business location/s. If you have not activated or set up your self-service account, click here to find out how.

Your White Pages Connect dashboard will look a little different depending on whether you have one location or multiple (see images).


Follow the instructions below to begin editing your location information:

  1. When you initially set up your White Pages Connect product, only some information in the Profile section would have already been filled out. That’s why you might receive content suggestions on the Dashboard, which will help give your business more visibility online. Click on any of the tiles to fulfil your location profile to its full potential.
  2. Now to continue adding content to the profile of your location, work your way through the three tabs near the top – ‘Basic Data’, ‘Rich Data’ and ‘Photos & Videos’.
  3. Start in Basic Data. Here you can add straightforward information such as address, phone number, website and more.
  4. Then move to Rich Data. Here you can provide information that helps people understand your business and allows search engines to find you. This includes social media profiles, payment options, brands you stock and services offered.
  5. And lastly, move to the Photos & Videos tab. Here you can showcase your business by uploading photos and videos – even your logo.

Note: Don’t forget to save your changes after each edit. Trying aiming for 100% Profile Completeness on the scale to the right of the screen.

What is the Dashboard? Can I view my reporting here?

Yes, you can see how your business is performing online within the Dashboard. From Facebook clicks, to calls from your Google listing, to impressions – you can see what people are doing when they come across your listings. For you to get the most out of White Pages Connect for your business, it’s important you understand how your location(s) are performing at a glance.


This guide will help you understand each section in your dashboard and how to read your reporting. This includes:

  • Profile Completeness
  • Listings
  • Deleted Duplicates
  • Filters
  • Average Ratings and Activity
  • Reviews and Reply Rates
  • Reviews Analysis
  • Feedback Activity
  • Facebook Impressions and Clicks
  • Google My Business Impressions, Clicks, Photos and Queries

You can also hover over the ‘I’ icon next to each heading in the dashboard for a quick description whilst you are in the tool.

What is the Directories tab?

When you initially set up your White Pages Connect product, you should create or connect your Google and Facebook listings. If you haven’t, on the Directories tab you will be prompted to complete pending actions. It’s essential to create and connect these accounts as they will significantly improve your online presence.

Click here to find out how to set up your Google account.

If you have connected your Google and Facebook account, the Directories tab will display all the different platforms where your business information appears. You can see which listings are synced with your latest updates.

What are Profile Suggestions? And what can I do within this tab?

With Profile Suggestions, you can improve your profile completeness in just a few clicks. You will see feedback on your business profiles collected from the platforms you’re listed on. Simply review this feedback and add missing information about your location by ticking the box of each suggestion. These changes will be pushed out to all the platforms on the Directories page.

Note: You can either tick the suggested fields or leave them blank if you do not wish to accept the suggestions.

How long does it take to publish my saved changes?

Changes that have been ‘Saved’ in White Pages Connect are sent out to the connected directories within 30 minutes. Each directory will be updated, however, they each have different publishing timeframes.

Why are my listings still updating?

Changes that have been ‘Saved’ in White Pages Connect are sent out to the connected directories within 30 minutes. Each directory updates within different publishing timeframes, some take longer than others to update.

What does "Cleansing in Progress' mean under the "Basic Data" page in White Pages Connect ?

Your location data is currently being reviewed to comply with all directories data quality policy. You do not need to do anything as this is an automated process.

Can I integrate my own business website to the network of publishers updated as part of White Pages Connect?

No, unfortunately this is not possible. Updates to your own website must be completed and managed yourself.

My business has closed, how can I remove my online content within White Pages Connect?

You must inform us that your business has closed. This will be actioned by your Account Manager in the White Pages Connect platform.