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Setting up Connect

What do I need before I set up White Pages Connect?

Before you get started 


Before you setup White Pages Connect, you will need passwords to your Google and Facebook business accounts (if you have them). Having access to these platforms will help with a seamless on-boarding experience for your Connect account.

Once you are ready to get started, follow the step-by-step guides to linking your Google and Facebook pages to White Pages Connect. Once you’ve done this, any updates your make in your White Pages Connect account will automatically update to your businesses Google My Business and Facebook profiles.

Connecting Google My Business


To be able to keep your location data updated, a Google My Business profile needs to be created, verified, and connected to White Pages Connect. What needs to happen next depends on the current state of each location’s Google My Business profile. But don’t worry, we have compiled an overview for you covering all options in this step-by-step guide. We will guide you through the process of:

  • Creating and verifying a new Google My Business profile
  • Verifying an existing Google My Business profile managed by you
  • Connecting a Google My Business profile managed by you


Connecting Facebook


A Facebook page should be created and connected to White Pages Connect for each location.  This downloadable guide will take you through how to:

  • Create and connect a new Facebook page
  • Connect an existing Facebook company page managed by you
I already have a verified Google My Business, how do I connect it?

When you first access White Pages Connect you will be presented with a setup wizard. This will ask for any extra business details that have not yet been provided and to complete your Google My Business (GMB) setup.

As you already have a verified GMB, you can skip this step by clicking “Do this later” in the wizard.

To connect your verified GMB:

  • head to the Directories page (if required click ‘Disconnect listing’)
  • click ‘Connect’
  • click ‘Start’ and follow the prompts to link your verified listing.

Do I need to connect Google My Business?

It is highly recommended that current Google My Business locations are connected to ensure your business information is updated and safeguarded.

Linking your White Pages Connect and Google My Business accounts

Navigate to the ‘Directories’ tab within your White Pages Connect account, click on ‘Connect’ alongside the Google logo and follow the prompts.


Do I need to connect Facebook?

It is highly recommended that current Facebook location pages are connected to ensure your business information is updated and safeguarded.

In order to connect your Facebook page/s please note the following:

  • Your page must be published
  • Page visibility must be set to public (everyone)
  • You must be an Admin of the page

Link your White Pages Connect and Facebook accounts

Navigate to the ‘Directories’ tab within your White Pages Connect account, click on ‘Connect’ alongside the Facebook logo and follow the prompts.

How do I set up White Pages Connect?

Review your content


Once logged into your White Pages self-service account, open Connect and review the content of your business locations. This includes your business name, address and category. Follow the step-by-step guide to setting up your profile.

Adding content


Please click here to find out more information about adding content and how to improve your Profile Completeness.

Which Category should I select in White Pages Connect?

The first category entered should be your primary service, and the one that best represents your business. Some platforms allow for multiple categories, however, only the first category appears on Google.

Tip: Rearrange your categories by clicking and dragging them, remember to click Save.

I can't find my Category what should I do?

Categories in White Pages Connect are regularly updated and match to platform categories. If a specific category is not available, select the closest match as your first category.

Tip: Search Google for similar businesses to yours to check what category options are available for your business.

What are keywords and what keywords should I use?


Keywords are used to describe the products and services that your business offers and are additional tags used by platforms that may influence your search impressions.

We recommend using terms that you expect your customers to search for, these can be updated as your business changes.


Where do my keywords appear?

Your keywords are shown on various platforms that allow keywords and services to be displayed (such as White Pages Online – where applicable, Infobel, Cylex, iGlobal, Tupalo)

Are White Pages Connect keywords and Google Ads the same?

White Pages Connect keywords are not the same as Google Ads (formerly Google Ad Words) and do not function the same way. You will need to contact a Google Ads service provider for this service.

What does "My listing is blocked by a third party" on the directories page mean?

There is an existing listing that has been previously created and claimed. If you would like to have White Pages Connect update this listing, you will need to contact the directory in question using the email template that is provided when you click on the ‘Grey Shield’ on the Directories page in Connect.

What are attributes?


Attributes can be found in ‘Rich Data’ and vary by business category. Select which attributes apply to your business to help you show in relevant searches and outline facilities and business’ unique selling points to potential customers.