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Profile Completeness guide

Profile Completeness is a measure of the amount of information provided about your location/s in White Pages Connect.

The more rich content you provide, the more likely you are to entice potential customers to view and choose your business.

There are four levels of profile completeness:

  1. Required (business name, address, phone, categories)
  2. Basic (opening hours, short or long description, photos, Google attributes)
  3. Advanced (keywords, services)
  4. Bonus (website, email)
What content do I need to provide to achieve Basic level?
  • Opening Hours – let your customers know what days and times your business is open or when you prefer to receive calls. For 24 hours enter 00:00 to 24:00 and select the days that apply.
  • Short or Long Description – highlight what makes your business different, your history or information your customers will find helpful.
  • Photos – add at least one clear photo or a business logo – (hover over the information icon for dimension and format requirements)
  • Attributes – Google attributes are related to your first category on the Basic Data page, provide at least one (Example: Women-led, is your business Women-led? Yes or No)

Note: You must connect Google My Business on the Directories page for Attributes and other content in White Pages Connect to publish on Google Search and Maps.

What content do I need to provide to achieve Advanced level?

We recommend using terms that you expect your customers to search for, these can be updated as your business changes.

  • Keywords – add your top 10 keywords that are relevant to your business, starting with the most important ones first. These are listed on the platforms as the products and services that your location offers and each keyword can be composed of several words.
  • Services – on the Rich Data tab you can add services to showcase specific services provided at your location. You can customise services to each location if you have more than one.

Note: Keywords and Services are additional tags used by platforms that may influence your search impressions.

What content do I need to provide to achieve Bonus level?

Adding the Bonus content allows your customers to check out your company and contact you via email if they don’t have time to call.

  • Website – ensure any website you add is working and the content on your site is up to date. Mismatching content like your address, phone number and about us can have a negative impact on local search and can also confuse your customers.
  • Email – where applicable please provide an email that you regularly check, this provides a convenient way for customers to contact you before deciding to choose your products or services.

Note: if you don’t have a website and only have Facebook, Instagram please add these in Rich Data under Social Media Profiles.

Can I add more content once my profile is Complete?

The Profile Completeness score is based on the most relevant and important content that your customers and search engines are looking for.

You can always add more content if it is available!

  • Payment Options – let your customers know how they can pay at your location, choose from the drop down list or type in custom options.
  • Brands – your customers might be looking for specific manufacturers and retail brands, let them know what you offer.
  • Languages – let your customers know in which languages they may be served at your location.
  • Videos – add YouTube or Vimeo links on the Photos & Videos page to showcase yourself, your products or services that are available.
I have more than one location, how can I improve my average profile completeness?

The more content you add to the four levels, the higher your average percentage score will be on the main Dashboard.

Make sure to add as much rich content as possible to each of your locations to improve your percentage score.

Average Profile Completeness across more than one location. Click ‘View’ to add content.

I have added more content why haven't I moved up to a higher level?

Each of the four levels have content requirements to meet, only once you add every piece of content will you graduate to the next level.

Hover over the ‘tick’ on the Profile Completeness scale to see what you’ve added and what is missing.

Profile showing ‘Attributes’ missing from Basic level requirements.