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About Connect Plus

I have received a review, what do I do?

Effectively managing online reviews can have a positive impact on your reputation and sales. In addition to positive reviews, prospective customers that search for you online will often look at your responses to negative experiences. They evaluate the timeliness of your reply and see whether you care about the feedback and rectify the issue.

Positive review

Make the most of positive reviews by putting together a personal response that will not only ensure your current customers keep returning, but also attract new ones too. Responding to online reviews doesn’t need to be time consuming – you can create a brief, friendly, and personal by following these simple steps:

Remember to start with their name, thank them for their review and include your business name and keywords in the response. Always encourage them to visit your business again and end on a positive note.

Negative review

It’s essential you tackle negative reviews first, quickly and professionally. Whilst emotions can be quite high at this point, it’s very important to respond sincerely, with the offer of a solution while remaining professional and courteous. Be mindful of how your response is perceived by passing traffic – namely, your potential customers.

What sites do I get to see my reviews from?
  • Acompio
  • Brownbook
  • Cylex
  • Facebook
  • Find Open
  • Foursquare
  • Google
  • Google Maps
  • Info is Info
  • I Global
  • Show Me Local
  • Uber
  • Waze
  • Where to?
  • Yalwa
Which sites can I respond to reviews from?
  • Facebook
  • Google
  • Google Maps
  • Info is Info
  • I Global
  • Waze
  • Where to?
Do I need to connect my Google or Facebook accounts to monitor and respond to reviews?

Yes, you need to connect your Google My Business Listing and Facebook account to White Pages Connect Plus in order to monitor and respond to reviews.

When I post “News” or an “Offer”, where does it go?

You can choose what sites to publish this on.

For News posts, you can choose to publish to Facebook, Google and the directory sites listed below.

For Offer posts, you can choose Google and directory sites listed below.

Here is the full list of publisher posting sites, which includes Facebook, Google, and Directories.

  • Facebook
  • Find Open
  • Google
  • Google Maps
  • Hotfrog
  • I Global
  • Navmii
  • Show Me Local
  • Waze
  • Where To?
What do my posts look like online?

When you are in the White Pages portal creating a post, you can view what the post will look like on the right hand side of the screen. You can switch between Facebook, Google and Directories to see the post on these different platforms.

Can I reply to Q&As from Google?

Yes, you can. If a user posts a question on Google My Business about your business location, you will receive it in the “Customer Feedback” tab and can respond accordingly.

You can also be proactive by utilising “Publish”, where you can post questions and answers to build a frequently asked questions section on your Google My Business listing.

How do I set up notifications to inform me when a customer leaves a review?

This will be automatically enabled when you sign up for Connect Plus. When new reviews arrive we will notify you via email.

Can multiple users manage review for my business?

Yes, it is possible to have multiple users managing reviews from within White Pages Connect.

Can I see which employee has replied to a particular platform?

Yes, in the actual review of the “Your answer” section within “Customer Feedback”, you can see who responded to the review

Can I allow certain users to reply to my reviews but others to manage the locations content?

Currently if White Pages allows a user into the White Pages portal to manage reviews, they will also be able to make content changes to the individual locations that they are managing the reviews for.


Can I retract, delete or edit a scheduled post?

Yes, you can remove or edit a post if you would like. This is done by simply clicking the remove button as shown below.

How do I see engagement with my posts?

You can see views, clicks and comments from customers by as shown below.

Do I get reporting/analytics on my reviews?

Yes, absolutely. There is reporting at an individual location or total business level on the following:

Time period for reviews can be set as either

  • 7 days
  • 30 days
  • 12 months
  • Overall
  • Custom date range

The report can be exported

    1. Average review rating and number and % of review between 1 – 5 stars. Publishers are selectable with the following options
      1. All directories
      2. Facebook
      3. Google

  1. Average review rating based on the time period selected
  2. Review Rating Analysis: Sentiment analysis on what top words are being used in user reviews and what is the average rating of reviews which contain that word.Total = number of reviews with a rating that were analysedReviews % = percent of review containing that wordRating = average rating of the review which contain that word
  3. Feedback activity is the number of reviews being left across publishers over time. This includes reviews with no star rating.

What does the status "In Progress" mean?

If you see the status “In Progress” for one of your posts, there may be a publishing delay on one of the Connect Plus platforms. You can check your posts under Details by clicking on each platform icon.

NOTE: For Google Search, please check your Google My Business account and review any Google updates as these can sometimes interfere with posting.

What is the Reviews Reply Rate feature?

The Reviews Reply Rate feature in Connect Plus allows you to see how responsive you are to your customers.

You can see how many reviews you have responded to overall and easily monitor which star ratings you have been responding to.