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White Pages Connect Charges

How will the charges for White Pages Connect be applied to my bill?

The charges for White Pages Connect will be applied to your Telstra bill once the product is live (i.e. available for you to use). If you have opted for annual billing, these charges will appear once a year on the month after your anniversary date. If you have opted for monthly billing, the charges will appear on your Telstra bill based on your instalment frequency – e.g. monthly, bimonthly or quarterly.

What White Pages Connect charges can I expect to see on my bill?

Depending on which White Pages Connect service tier you have purchased, up to three charge types can appear on your Telstra bill.

  1. Location fee – Charge for the number of locations you have
  2. Set-up fee – One-off charge for setting up your locations and content in the White Pages Connect platform
  3. Service fee – Charge for helping you maintain the online presence of your locations

What will the White Pages Connect charges look like on my bill?

Flick through your Telstra bill to find the section dedicated to White Pages Connect. Click on the image below to see how it will appear on your bill. Note: This is an example bill of a customer who has purchased White Pages Connect – Premium. This is why three charge types are displayed (i.e. Location fee, Service fee, Set-up fee).